5 Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working For You

If you’ve been using CBD and haven’t noticed a difference yet, you might be feeling frustrated. While CBD can have an impressive range of health benefits, some people find it doesn’t work for them, often because they’re using the wrong dosage or products.

Before you use CBD for yourself, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes.

1. You’re not using high-quality CBD products

First thing’s first: are your CBD products up to scratch?

You’ve probably noticed that there are many CBD companies nowadays, each selling their own CBD products. Unfortunately, some companies sell low-quality products. Mislabeling is common: sometimes their products contain less CBD than they state on the packaging.

In fact, a recent study looked at 84 CBD products and found that only 31 percent contained the amount of CBD that was stated on the label.

In order to ensure that you’re using high-quality CBD products, look out for a lab report that confirms how much CBD your product contains. Only purchase items from reputable companies like ours. Avoid purchasing CBD on Amazon and similar online marketplaces.

Our products are tested by an independent lab to verify the amount of CBD. You can view our lab reports here.

2. You’re not using it correctly

For CBD to work effectively, you have to use it properly.

Some kinds of CBD, like CBD capsules and gummies, are quite simple to use. However, many people use CBD oils and tinctures incorrectly. The best way to use these tinctures is to drop the liquid under your tongue and hold it there for at least 60 seconds, then swallow.

During this time, CBD will move into the capillaries in your mouth so that it can reach your bloodstream quicker. This is a faster and more effective method than simply swallowing CBD, which means your body will have to digest the CBD before it hits your bloodstream.

If you’re using CBD products of any kind, it’s important to read the instructions on the label. Companies often suggest how to use it based on their product’s specific ingredients.

3. You’re not using the correct dosage

If you’re using CBD and not noticing an effect, you might want to increase your dosage slightly. Increase it gradually until you find your ideal CBD dosage. It’s helpful to use your notebook or phone to record how much you’re taking every day, as well as your symptoms and whether you notice a difference. If you need a higher dosage, perhaps opt for a more potent product.

We recommend talking to a CBD-friendly doctor if you’re not sure how much CBD to use.

4. You’re not giving it enough time

As with all health products, CBD takes time to work.

If you’re digesting it by using gummies, edibles, or capsules, it can take up to an hour to work properly, as it needs to go through your digestive system first. If you’re using a vape, it will work a lot faster, as it goes through your lungs and into your bloodstream immediately.

For best results, CBD should be taken daily. Some people find that it takes a week or longer for CBD to make a noticeable difference, possibly because CBD needs to build up in your system. Like with taking a multivitamin, using CBD consistently is key!

5. Your expectations are misguided

Many people feel that CBD doesn’t work because it doesn’t make them feel intoxicated. However, CBD is non-intoxicating – it doesn’t make you high. It shouldn’t make you feel euphoric or giggly. If you’re hoping to feel this way, you’ll be disappointed if you use CBD.

It’s also important to remember that CBD isn’t a silver bullet. Unlike other CBD companies, we won’t tell you that CBD is a cure-all or that it offers instant relief from all discomfort. Many people try CBD and then feel disappointed because it doesn’t fix all of their health issues. That’s a lot like taking a headache tablet and expecting it to make your skin clear up – that’s not its job.

Before purchasing CBD, do some research to figure out whether your condition would actually be helped by CBD. It’s also wise to talk with a doctor before using it to manage any health condition.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of CBD for yourself, take a look at our high-quality CBD products. All products are THC-free and are tested by an independent lab. We design these products with quality in mind so that you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best.