7 Facts About Our Founder

Meet our founder Adam. Below he answers 7 interesting questions about Liberty Organics, like how he came up with the idea to found his own CBD business, his first experience with raw CBD oil, his favourite CBD product or why he chose the name Liberty Organics, but read for yourself.

How did you come up with the idea of founding your own 

CBD company?

I first came up with the idea of founding the company through my own experience of using CBD. I started using it after I injured my back and neck after years of putting my body through stress from Mixed Martial Arts and working in construction since the age of 15. My doctor was giving me nerve pain killers – I went through lots of different ones and they all made me feel like crap! Actually even worse than the pain I was in.

So I started looking for alternative pain relief, something more natural. This is when I found CBD and I thought to myself, I have nothing to lose.

How was your first experience with CBD?

The first CBD oil I tried was a natural raw oil and it tasted awful! It did offer some relief though, so I tried some other ones from Europe. Some were terrible and others good. Then I started getting oils from the USA and found they were far su

perior but really expensive. Too expensive to be able to justify keep paying every four weeks.

After a lot of research I had the idea to start my own brand. I was looking for a good manufacturer that I can buy premium CBD from and also have it taste great instead of the first raw oils I was trying. I wanted to sell a Premium CBD product that helps


people at an affordable price. I wanted to bring products to the market like the Muscle Rub that not only helped people with pain relief but were also a premium product offering great quality ingredients and a lovely smell.

In what way has CBD helped you?

CBD changed my life as regards pain relief. It took the edge of the pain and helped me get a deeper sleep which was something I was lacking. In turn it helped me with my recovery.

What is your vision for Liberty Organics?

My vision has always been having CBD products and the information of how these products can help people and change their lifes more readily available with all the red tape cut, making marketing easier so the positive word can be spread of a natural alternative to classic pain medication.

What´s your favourite CBD product?

My favourite product would be the Oral Drops, I can just feel a calm and better sense of well-being when I take them.

What do you recommend people who say “CBD doesn’t work for me”?

I would say to them, change the dose or try a different product. Everybody is different, some people need more than others and for some people it takes longer to get into their system. It’s a trial and error process and there are hundreds of products on the market. Just find the one that works for You, read reviews and find a reputable company.

Check out our blog post for more information on why CBD might not work for you.

How did you come up with the name “Liberty Organics”?

I called the company Liberty after my daughter. It means freedom. We wanted to give people the freedom to enjoy life by using our products. The name means everything we stand for as a company – family and helping people.