Finding Your Ideal Dose of CBD

For most CBD connoisseurs, several 5mg microdoses of cannabidiol per day are sufficient for their maintenance routine. Always begin with small amounts of a new product and build up to find your minimum ideal dose of CBD. This is both cost-effective and ideal for your body. When taking a new product, regardless of the type of CBD extraction, wait three hours after your first dose before taking a boost.

Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate typically have similar dose ranges for consumers. CBD isolates have an “inverted U-shaped dose-response curve,” a fancy way of saying that the lowest doses aren’t always ideal, and the more substantial amounts are not preferred. When using CBD isolate products, you should locate your preferred dose range and keep your doses in this window. Keep in mind that this window is different for everyone, but 5mg is still a great starting point.

This need for precision dosing is likely caused by cannabidiol’s behavior as an allosteric modulator of CB1 receptors, one of the central endocannabinoid system receptors. CBD does inhibit the FAAH enzyme, which leads to elevated levels of a natural endogenous cannabinoid compound known as AEA, and this compound will interact with CB1 receptors, effectively boosting their activity. However, freely circulating CBD can also bind close to CB1 receptors, inhibiting overall activity levels at these sites, leading to a lesser overall impact. The additional hemp compounds found in full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum infusions seem to prevent this competitive binding, allowing the qualities of cannabinoid products to flourish.

Broad Spectrum CBD, thanks to the synergistic effect of the many hemp compounds, has a more linear dose-response. These pure spectrum CBD infusions can be taken more liberally, with more significant amounts typically yielding positive results. This “entourage effect” caused by hemp compound interaction does not make broad-spectrum CBD superior to CBD isolate. Ultimately, the ideal product comes down to one’s own subjective experience.

Selecting Your Premier CBD Preparation

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